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Offering Holistic Medicine services for adults, children and families.

At Haultain Health Centre we understand that your health is your most valuable asset. Whether you are looking for a safer, more natural alternative to drugs and surgery, or a complement to your current medical treatments, or you are suffering from something that conventional medicine has been unable to treat, you are in the right place.

At Haultain Health Centre all of our Treatments are:

  • Tailored to you as a whole person, not just your symptom or your diagnosis
  • Safe and effective, gentle and non-invasive, all natural and side effect free
  • Working with the root cause of the imbalance, not just managing symptoms (although symptoms definitely get better too!)
  • Working with and promoting your body’s natural healing ability
Haultain Health Centre

What is Holistic Medicine Anyway?

Phrases like “Holistic Medicine” and “Body, Mind and Spirit” are thrown around a lot these days, and they can mean a lot of different things.
Learn what Holistic Medicine actually means to you and your family's health.

Book Your Free No Obligation Consultation Today

Dr. Reuven is now offering a free introductory consultation during which he will:

  • Answer any questions you might have about Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • Explain how Chinese Medicine works and how it can help with your unique health concerns
  • Recommend a course of treatment based on your specific needs and treatment goals
Actual Testimonials

Some Words from our Happy Patients

Bodhi Thompson Gardner

“I was referred to Reuven by my partner for issues regarding my stomach and bloating. I have tried many remedies and have had many consultations and for the first time I feel like I have answers and support for this concerning health issue.

My experience with Reuven can be simply summed up as an Intuitive Healer. I watch Reuven when he reads my pulse and in this see an unspoken conversation take place between my body and him. In this conversation, Reuven very quickly knows what to do with the acupuncture and has also assisted me with herbal medicines. Reuven is also open to my questions and insights as well and has provided me with information that I have needed to hear for a long time. The mind body connection is addressed and in treating my stomach issue has also helped me in acknowledging my stress level and contribution of the same to my physical health. I am very thankful for this connection and for the healing that I am receiving. “

James Rowe, Ph. D.

“Reuven is a genuine healer. He works the mind/body connection with great precision and care. Reuven’s treatments have helped me tremendously.”

Joy Nahirnick

I hate needles they make me cringe inside so I have to be in bad shape before I go for a treatment but every time I go I experience almost imediate results doesn’t matter if it is stress, physical pain, even allergies induced.  Reuven has given me relief in as little as just one treatment I recommend him to anyone.

Thank you,

S. G.

“I have received treatment from Reuven for many years and he does a great job for me. He is passionate about his craft and this shines through in the caring and thoughtful approach in which he delivers his treatments. I looked for a long time for the right practitioner and was very pleased to discover Reuven and have benefited significantly from his work.”