Ancient. Powerful. Effective. Acupuncture has been trusted and used by millions of people in Asia and around the world, from time immemorial right up to the present day. Today in China and elsewhere Acupuncture is offered in hospitals as a complement or alternative to more standard western medicine approaches, in many cases creating dramatic and life-changing results even in cases where western medicine has failed.

In many cases the effect of Acupuncture is felt immediately, though it may take a series of treatments for management of chronic or complex symptoms. However most people experience a profound sense of well-being and some degree of symptom relief right from the very first treatment.

There are many different approaches to Acupuncture, and Dr. Freesman has completed advanced training in several of them, including 8 Principle Acupuncture, 5 Element Acupuncture, Dr. Tan’s and other Meridian Balancing methods, and many more. With his wide range of training and experience, Dr. Freesman has many different tools to draw on to ensure the best possible treatment outcome for your unique situation.

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