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When most people who aren’t very familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) think about acupuncture, usually they think of its power in treating pain and physical injuries. This is largely because physical trauma is more easily quantifiable when compared to Western medicine practises, making it easier for the western world to judge in double blinded studies and research projects. As a result, acupuncture is usually promoted in terms of how it helps treat pain and pain alone.

However, what many people may not realise is that acupuncture is also a powerful tool to help those experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, hormonal imbalances, menstruation and fertility problems, chronic illnesses, immune system health, digestive concerns, and much more.

It All Comes Back To Qi!

When studying Chinese medicine, the first thing we learn about is the concept of Qi. Qi doesn’t have any one solid translation, but, basically, it means the vital essence or energy that enables all life. Qi is what sparks our body into life; it moves our blood and is the silent force that keeps our lungs breathing. When Qi flows freely through the body, it keeps us in a state of harmony. When there are internal blockages that prevent the free flow of Qi, or when something causes a deficiency of Qi in our body, this causes dysfunction and dis-ease.

Blockages or deficiencies of Qi will manifest differently for people depending on the root cause or location. This is one of the reasons that Chinese medicine is considered a holistic medicine; we treat every person on an individual basis with the understanding that no two conditions will always share the same root cause. For instance, two people with asthma may share similar symptoms, but one person may have asthma triggered by an allergy and another may have asthma triggered by stress. Even though both people technically have asthma and share most if not all of the same symptoms, their symptoms have different causes and therefore wouldn’t be treated in the same way.

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