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Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

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Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on technique developed by an American osteopathic physician over one hundred years ago. Gentle pressure (no more than 5 grams or the weight of a nickel) can release restrictions deep in the body to relieve dysfunction and pain, thus improving whole body health.

Our nervous system has a huge impact over our body and few systems in the body have more impact on the Central Nervous System (CNS) than the Craniosacral System. This consists of the soft tissue and fluid that protect your brain and spinal cord. The cerebral spinal fluid in the Craniosacral System has a specific rhythm that can be felt anywhere in the human body, but most strongly between the cranium and the sacrum. This is one of the rhythms that Craniosacral Therapists listen for during treatment.

A typical Craniosacral therapy session takes approximately 45-60 minutes and as a client you remain fully clothed. The practitioner will stand or sit positioned at various points of your head, torso or feet. At times your practitioner may also support your limbs and spine while helping your body release accumulated tension.

What you experience during a CST session is highly individual. Some people say they feel deeply relaxed, while others describe feeling unwinding sensations as the body releases tension. You may even recall circumstances surrounding a past trauma or injury that caused your body stress. While it doesn’t occur in every session, this aspect of the process – called SomatoEmotional Release – is perfectly normal, and helps the body reverse dysfunction and restore optimal levels of mobility.

Because each individual response to CST is unique, the number of sessions needed to resolve any particular condition varies widely. While one session may give you the relief you need, your situation may require more therapy before it’s completely alleviated. It is best to consult with your Craniosacral Therapist to assess your individual needs.

Craniosacral therapy can be effective for all ages from newborn to elders.