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Laura Bondy, RMT

  /  Laura Bondy, RMT

I love my job as an RMT. My practice framework is based on communication, stress management, and education.

Communication is the cornerstone to a positive massage therapy session. I listen actively and work with you to understand your concerns. Throughout the massage I am receptive to any changes we need to make. Need less pressure? No problem. You would like me to spend longer on a certain area? Absolutely. Open communication is key.

My experiences working with palliative patients and in a PTSD/addictions clinic taught me about the profound significance of therapeutic relaxation. A state of relaxation can impact persistent pain, mental health, sleep patterns, trauma, etc. There are many different ways to explain the importance of relaxation, but the best way is the somatic one, the “feel it through your entire body” one, where you wish you could be magically transported to your bed. I believe this makes massage invaluable to whole body well-being.

I also love reading. My education did not end when I graduated. I continue to question and research massage therapy, even if this requires re-thinking outdated theories. For the patient this means, when appropriate, I emphasize a pain science lens and the importance of movement and strength building. I don’t have all the answers, but I can work with you to find possibilities, and ultimately, to feel better in your body.

Also, I just moved here from Toronto. If you know of any secret and wonderful places to go swimming, please let me know. I’ll be honest, the water here is really, really cold.