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Level 1: Mastering the Basics

Course Information

We have all heard how vital pulse diagnosis is to the practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Many of us have heard stories about how certain special practitioners can tell someone’s life story from the pulse, and use the pulse as guidance for “magical” treatments. Unfortunately, most of us get only a few hours of training in standard schools and do not receive anywhere near sufficient guidance to develop the confidence to use the pulse effectively in the clinic.

This course will provide you with simple and clear instruction and hands-on experience that will create a solid foundation from which to develop your pulse skills and prepare you for the more advanced courses to follow.

Topics covered include:

• Basic Pulse Skills and Techniques
• Identifying the 12 Primary Positions
• A simple approach to understanding and identifying pulse qualities
• Treating Exit-Entry blocks from the pulse
• Learning to use the pulse as a guide for treatment, and to evaluate your treatment effectiveness
• And much more!

Course Instructor

Dr. Reuven Freesman, D. TCM has been a teacher and practitioner of Chinese Medicine for nearly 15 years. The mystery and power of pulse diagnosis was one of the things that drew him to Chinese Medicine in the first place, and has fueled his ongoing study and development of this most ancient craft. Reuven has studied many different methods of pulse diagnosis with many different practitioners, but as a working pracitioner, Reuven has always been driven to simplify and boil down the most vital ingredients of what he has learned to make it easy to learn and most practical and applicable in a clinic setting. Reuven believes the ultimate test of this most ancient and beautiful approach is the degree to which it creates real, tangible benefit for our patients.

Dates and Times


Course Tuition

Regular Tuition: $295
Student Rate: $245


This course will be offered at Four Corners Community Collective at Haultain Corners, 1508 Haultain St.


This course is appropriate for Registered Acupuncturists, TCM Practitioners and students in 2nd year or above. Attendees of this course should have good basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine, but pulse diagnosis experience is not required.

Course Registration

To register, please email reuven@haultainhealth.com. You will receive a link for secure online payment with Visa or Mastercard. For debit or cash transactions please email us or come by Haultain Health Centre to pay in person. Full payment is due at time of registration to confirm placement in the course.

Withdrawal Policy

For course withdrawals submitted in writing or in person 30 days or more before the start of the course, registrants will receive a full tuition refund less a $40 non-refundable registration fee. For course withdrawals submitted in writing or in person more than 14 days but less than 30 days before the start of the course, registrants will receive a 50% tuition refund. Without exception, no refunds will be given for course withdrawals less than 14 days before the start of the course.