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Reviews | What Our Clients Say

“I have received treatment from Reuven for many years and he does a great job for me. He is passionate about his craft and this shines through in the caring and thoughtful approach in which he delivers his treatments. I looked for a long time for the right practitioner and was very pleased to discover Reuven and have benefited significantly from his work.”
S. G. , Victoria, BC
“Reuven is a genuine healer. He works the mind/body connection with great precision and care. Reuven’s treatments have helped me tremendously.”
James Rowe, Ph. D., Victoria BC
“I was referred to Reuven by my partner for issues regarding my stomach and bloating. I have tried many remedies and have had many consultations and for the first time I feel like I have answers and support for this concerning health issue.
My experience with Reuven can be simply summed up as an Intuitive Healer. I watch Reuven when he reads my pulse and in this see an unspoken conversation take place between my body and him. In this conversation, Reuven very quickly knows what to do with the acupuncture and has also assisted me with herbal medicines. Reuven is also open to my questions and insights as well and has provided me with information that I have needed to hear for a long time. The mind body connection is addressed and in treating my stomach issue has also helped me in acknowledging my stress level and contribution of the same to my physical health. I am very thankful for this connection and for the healing that I am receiving. “
With Much Gratitude and Respect,
Bodhi Thompson Gardner
“Reuven epitomizes the true meaning of a healer. With integrity, clarity and patience he is a teacher and guide into the realms of well-being. Every time I sought his help for mind-body-spirit angst he always directed my own awareness towards the root of the problem while providing true insight over my own distorted perceptions of my current condition whether it was lack of sleep, intestinal disturbances or vacillating moods from one extreme to the next. I highly recommend Reuven especially if you are seeking an individual who is tangibly able to alleviate your distress (physical, mental or emotional) while further creating room for your own inner healing at a good pace.”
Madhvi Aggarwal, Victoria BC
I hate needles they make me cringe inside so I have to be in bad shape before I go for a treatment but every time I go I experience almost imediate results doesn’t matter if it is stress, physical pain, even allergies induced. Reuven has given me relief in as little as just one treatment I recommend him to anyone.
Thank you,
Joy Nahirnick
“I came to Dr. Freesman looking for an alternative way to heal myself of exhaustion and digestive issues. I have suffered most of my life with digestive issues (from the age of an infant with severe constipation issues which continued into adulthood) and constant nagging fatigue (which has been an on-going issue ever since having mononucleosis at the age of 15 – a condition that I never felt I fully recovered from).
With the help of Dr. Freesman’s knowledge of Chinese medicine and the specially formulated herbal supplements he gave me along with his individually personalized acupuncture treatments I have been able to regain energy levels that I have not had for years and feel like I have been given an opportunity to have my life back. I no longer walk around in an exhausted haze day after day and on top of that, for the first time in my life, I experience regular daily bowel movements without effort!
It was not a quick process, however with time and perseverance, noticeable and long term results have been my experience. Becoming unwell takes time and if you remember that healing will take time too, I am certain you too will see results under Dr. Freesman’s expertise and guidance! Working with him has truly been a blessing in my life! Thank you Dr. Freesman”
Renee (age 48)
“I received a series of treatments from Reuven during a very difficult time in life. He showed compassion, understanding, and treated me with gentle calmness and respect. His treatments helped me to move through my grieving process and shift challenging emotions to find balance and peace again.”
Lin H, Victoria BC
“About a year ago, before asking for my first appointment with Reuven, I had the impression that he would be one of Creator’s instruments to help transform not only my health issues, but my life as a whole. Such impression proved to be true.

Although the acupuncture treatments were scarce, even at present there is a sense that I am still being accompanied and encouraged by Reuven’s Energy (also called Spirit, Soul, Higher Self, Inner Wisdom, and so forth), so that not only every organ of my body but also my emotional and mental levels may express their full, healthy and virtuous potential.
In my perception, what makes Reuven’s approach to healing so extraordinary is that he does everything possible to help one reawaken the innate ability of the organism, mind and emotions to realign themselves with their Essence, and thus manifest Health in its purest form. I have seen and experienced several approaches to healing in Canada, but none has ever been so holistic and thus life-transforming as Reuven’s.
With Reuven’s help, I became aware of (and therefore begun to renounce to) unhealthy thoughts, emotions and tendencies that for decades had been taking a toll on my overall health. As a result, my outlook of life has been totally renewed, and, most importantly, I have regained the Joy of being alive. Ever since that first blessed treatment with Reuven, my life’s purpose and direction have become clearer and I feel strongly motivated to keep discovering and expressing the full potential of my True Self.
In short, when you entrust Reuven with the task of helping you regain health and balance in your life… know that you will have found not only an experienced and superb practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also a true listener to your soul needs, and a clever observer of your psychological and emotional struggles, all of which, with your openness, he will help you recognize and resolve effectively and everlastingly.
Profound thanks from my heart to yours, Reuven!”
Ivana Cavallo, Victoria BC
“Dr. Freesman has consistently provided great relief for chronic pain and distress in my body over the past several years. His treatments have helped me grow strong where I was weak and develop greater confidence in myself. Reuven’s deep understanding of the relationship of mind and body and his ability to share this knowledge impress me each visit. As a patient, I personally appreciate Reuven’s compassion and friendly manner, as well.”
Christopher Parnell, Victoria BC
“Reuven is a passionate and creative practitioner of acupuncture guided by an authentic concern for the holistic well-being of his patients. I have found him to be intuitive, compassionate, and attentive in the treatment room. I left feeling clearer and stronger and was surprised by the powerful and long lasting energetic and psychological shifts his treatments effected in me. I recommend him unhesitatingly to anyone looking for holistic support and healing.”
Matthew Gindin, Victoria BC
“Were it not for Dr. Reuven Freesman, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I might still be prisoner of my mind’s own ramblings, or living stressfully and feeling overwhelmed by life’s potential complications; or worse, taking anti-depressants and other pharmaceuticals.

Through several sessions, Reuven humbly and patiently listened to my burdens and provided me with wise insight and empowering concepts which helped me slay some inner demons, and helped me become a better man. Reuven also applied acupuncture in my healing process, and honestly, I was astonished as to how good I felt physically and mentally after each session.
I am certain that any patient who meets Dr. Reuven Freesman, will attest to his kindness, care and grace, and to his great knowledge which he harnesses to improve the quality of the lives of his fellow human beings. Thanks Reuven!”
M.B., Victoria BC